We are a manufacturing company of precision metal parts. Our activities began in 1987, focused on production and service to steel and automotive industries.
The expertise acquired through all this years, allowed our growth and expansion from a regional level market into an international one; recognizing our company now as a “World Class Supplier”, by important corporations such as Cummins, Eptec, Eaton, among others.
Nevertheless our search for perfection takes us to a continuous evaluation of the systems and processes used, to ensure that the quality levels demanded by this type of companies be achieved or even overpassed, always focusing in our goal of “Zero Defects” in our production lines.

Production and service rendering to maintain our compromise to our clients and our surroundings in an environment of continual evolution.
Ser una empresa reconocida nacional e internacionalmente por su calidad e infraestructura, cimentada en nuestro factor humano.

Quality Policy
To produce and serve our clients beyond their requirements, based on our quality system, allowing us to coordinate the efforts of our people, towards a continuous improvement.